It seems that Slashdot lately has had alot of stories that have appeared on digg (first). It seems that Slashdot lately has slacked off with delivering the stories first. It seems that digg has almost taken over Slashdot.

I subscribe to the Slashdot Top Stories newsletter and notice that most of the stories featured on digg are in the Slashdot newsletter the next day. It Slashdot going to crash and burn do-to digg?



‘Twas the geek’s night before Christmas, and all through the house,

Not a hard drive was whirring, not a single clicking mouse;

The gadgets were charging in their docks with care,

In hopes that St. Nick shopped at Best Buy this year;

The geeks were all snuggled all warm in their beds,

While visions of smartphones did dance in their heads.

With a click and a whir there arose such a clatter,

As the PDAs and UMPCs began to all chatter;

A song they did sing to ring in good cheer,

In their sleep geeks were smiling for what did they hear?

Nothing, because it was all flash drives here,

And as they settled their heads back down in the bed,

They dreamed of the gadgets that might be colored red;

A Zune, an iPod, or an HDTV,

Could that be what they’d find underneath the tree?

As the geeks fell asleep with their eyes all aglow,

And the visions of electrons did come and did go;

With a whoosh down the chimney the gear did alight,

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


I really enjoy alot of podcasts especially Tech podcasts that are in the iTunes store, but there are just so many of them how do you choose? So, here are just a few of the ones that I think are the best IT/Sys Admin type podcasts. Enjoy!


IT Idiots: topics related to real life corporate networking, embedded in what some people beleive to be an entertaining show, Much of the content is just as applicable to the home user and is bound to be of interest to any IT enthusiast. In the podcast you can watch us build up the network as we discuss it, we are currently using VMWare technology to host the servers all on a laptop!

iTunes Link


Audio Podcasts:

In The Trenches: A podcast for Sys Admins and IT professionals from the perspective of a Systems Administrator

iTunes Link


Paul Dot Com Security Weekly :
Security. Kung Fu. Geek Stuff.

iTunes Link


Home Network and Computer Help: focused on creating, managing, and securing everything related to your home network, devices, and computers. Includes tips and tricks, listener submitted questions, equipment reviews, news, etc., for all your home technology needs.

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Security Now!: Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte discuss computer and Information security.

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Have any you want to share? Comment.

(Will try add more later)

Look at all of the video sites that have popped up in the last year or so; Youtube, Metacafe, Google Video, Stage 6, Soapbox, Brightcove, and Videojug. All good video sites bringing good content as well as quality. Some sites such as Youtube and Google Video have a further way to go on bringing better quality content but in the terms of content it’s all there.

Look, at Youtube a no name company when they started and wham! Sold to Google for over a billion dollars. Youtube became popular because it was one of the best of its kind. People loved the aspect that people from all around the world were uploading there own movies they created and sharing them to the rest of the world, and to know that a big media conglomerate was not a part of it. Since Youtube’s success we have seen so many other Internet video sites come along. Stage 6 still in alpha stage has about SD looking content on there site now. You will find major players in the media company have Channels listed there such as G4, Discovery and many others.

The major Media companies see this advantage that the Internet and Internet video is having on people.Not, that this is a bad thing but you can really see where the big media Companies are focusing on right now, and that it’s sites like Youtube, and Stage 6. I believe in a few years we will see a big decline in SD Television but there will be many more years before HD is dead…many more years.

What are your thoughts? Is TV almost dead?

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The Zune Is Not A Flop

Let me start off by saying I love Leo Laporte and his podcasts and agree on many of his opinions about things, but I totally disagree with Leo here.

First off the Zune was released with barebones features for a reason, not because Microsoft dosen’t know what to build or implement into the Zune, it’s because they were waiting for responses from the reviewers, and the consumers. Microsoft absolutely knew that the Zune would not take off from the very beginning. Microsoft did sort of an “experiment” with consumers and users, by giving the consumers very little features thus the consumers would respond with what they were expecting. This was a very good tactic on Microsoft’s part, as you can see with this tactic is that the Zune team was not at all trying to compete with the iPod but trying to make a totally different product and implementing different features than the iPod. I bet in 2007 we can expect big firmware updates to the Zune to make it more feature rich and we might even see some features being removed. The Zune has a long way to go before you can even dare call it a failure. For example, everyone was hyped about the Wireless capabilities with the Zune at first but everyone turned out disappointed and pissed that you can only share songs with other Zune users. Do you think Microsoft is going to waste that wireless technology built into the Zune? No, as I said before wait until next year and we will start to see some change. Here is a video by Robert Scoble that previews what Microsoft’s plans for the Zune are.

(Oh By the way I’m no Micrsoft fanboy, if you think so by reading this article you need help, or you sure are a serious hater of Microsoft.)

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